Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steppin' Off of Slumber Parties With a BOA

My original intention for the series of interviews I do here was to focus on agents (BBCHAT) and successful authors (SAT). In the course of internet wanderings though, I’ve ran across a lot of really awesome people, and culled an enormous amount of information from blogs. As I raided my brain – yes, I picture myself on the prow of a Viking ship, approaching my own gray matter – for more people I’d like to interview, it repeatedly offered up names of bloggers. And so, my readers, I give you the third series; Bloggers of Awesome. Yeah, it’s the BOA.

Today's guest for the BOA is Jen Daiker, who has a phenomenal, constantly fresh blog over at unedited. She’s going to talk to us today about her success – check out her followers! – her time balancing techniques, and also defend slumber parties.

BBC: So you run an excellent blog over at unedited. What made you decide to take the approach you do on your blog?
JD: *Blushes* Buttering up the visitor I see… keep it up, it works. I am myself. I know sounds too simple but I don’t know how to be anyone else. I like my blog to be happy like me. I have bad days but those don’t belong on my blog because it’s my happy place!

BBC: It looks like a chick lit slumber party blew up over there. Are you intimidated by my masculine backdrop?
JD: On the contrary, I adore the attitude, design, and feel of the different blogs I visit. It’s important to be unique and stand out. Again it all comes back to being you. Plus I love cats so you keep me coming back. PS – Slumber parties rock.

BBC: How do you get all these awesome agents and writers to agree to the interviews you do?
JD: It’s a secret… I kid, I kid. Simple, I asked. I knew I had nothing to lose and in fact I gained so much. Some of my best buds come from emailing them to ask for an interview.

BBC: I know a lot of aspiring writers who are intimidated by the idea of blogging. They want to, but they are worried it will cut into their (already precious) writing time. You're a prolific blogger - how do you recommend one be both a successful blogger and writer?
JD: It’s not for the faint of heart. I really have to ration my time. I’m a scheduled blogger; I’ll sit down on Sunday mornings and spend 2 hours compiling my M-F posts. It allows more commenting throughout the week, less mess. I comment in the mornings and in the evenings I write. Saturdays is dedicated to writing alone if it’s what I desire. Sometimes you just have decide what to give up and blogging is the first to go but I must say if you are looking for comments or followers the key is to be religious about doing the posts. Also make mention on your blog (where people can see it) how often you blog, if people don’t see you or when you’re on they won’t keep coming back). I also have a post guide if I’m stuck, a template of sorts:
My Secret Weapon: Monday – Writing on the Wall; Tuesday – Tuesdsay Twist; Wednesday – Writing; Thursday – Truth Thursday; Friday – Friday Fun

BBC: You also do a lot of posting about books on unedited. You're a big reader - do you set aside time for that?
JD: That’s a fit in sort of thing. I type as fast as I read. For me reading is a feeling I get. When I know I need something of substance I’ll walk upstairs and pick up one to two stories and sit on my comfy chair and curl up with my kitties. Reading is such a wonderful hobby.

BBC: Let's talk about your writing for a little bit. What's your genre, or do you jump around? What led you to this genre?
JD: I’m a genre hopper. YA fantasy, Adult Horror, and Adult Women’s Fiction. Depends on my mood.

BBC: What's your process? Is your muse fickle, or does she love you long time?
JD: My muse is Julie Andrews and Ms. Andrews is never fickle. She’s adorable and when I’m down she can sing “My favorite things,” and the world is right again.
Truth: I have off days I just try and forget them.

BBC: Do you use beta readers, and if so, where do you find them?
JD: They’re mine! You can’t have them! Actually they’re some of my best blog buddies. I just emailed them to see what they were working on and if they were down. I also have a friend who I live near who helps out when needed. That one you most certainly cannot have. She’s gold.

BBC: What other websites / resources can you recommend for writers?
JD: It really depends on what a writer is looking for. I turn to books for writers, they are gold. Stephen King’s On Writing being my absolute favorite. I spend enough time on the computer with blogging, my job, and my email that I prefer books. If you want querying advice Agent Query, Query Tracker and just blogs who have Agent links will rock your socks off.

BBC: Any words of inspiration for aspiring writers that aren't clich├ęd like the ones I give?
JD: Writing is like sour patch kids, some moments are sweet, and others sour, all delicious, so keep pushing.
Blank pages are for adrenaline junkies the first words give you the ride of your life – skydiving no longer necessary.


Siv Maria said...

Great interview on a great lady :)nLove your cat too. Off to explore some more.

Mindy McGinnis said...

Thanks Siv! The cat is a good and patient man :)

RaShelle said...

Nice interview. Jen is awesome!!!

Talli Roland said...

'Writing is like sour patch kids'. I love it! Jen rocks.

Great interview, ladies!

Jen Daiker said...

Thank you Mindy!! This was so much fun!! You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I'm a huge admirer of Jen. And I'm now following you, Mindy!

cherie said...

Yay, I follow unedited, too. Jen's such a fun blogger.

On another note, I've just handed you another award. Yes, you! You sly big black cat, you! Go, go, go get it, before it burns my blog. heehee.

Anita said...

Excellent interview, once again, Mindy. And I know Jen from twitter! She's a great gal and a VERY talented writer to which I can attest. Thanks Jen for sharing your thoughts on time rationing! :)

Mindy McGinnis said...

E. Elle - thanks for the follow!

Ladies - thanks so much for stopping in and commenting! I love doing interviews, it's fun to be running them for once, 'cause when I read them I'm always thinking, "ASK THIS! ASK THIS!"

Arlee Bird said...

When it comes to blogging I consider Jen a pro. She knows what she's talking about and for anyone wanting to learn the ropes about blogging, Jen's slumber party is a great place to visit..

Tossing It Out

Ella said...

Great interview you two~ Thanks for sharing; I will check out the slumber party~

Jennifer Hillier said...

Happy to be a new follower! Snuck over from Jen's blog and she did not disappoint! Fabulous interview! You're both hilarious!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Arlee, Ella, Jen - thanks ladies! I found Jen's blog and was like - "Yeah, I've GOT to get her over on WriterWriter!" So glad she agreed to it :)