Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Welcome Your Flash - in June

And now I'll follow up on some random information that I suppled in this post. June will indeed be the month of Flash Fiction here on Writer, Writer.  I'm making the grand assumption that most of you are familiar with the idea of flash fiction.  In essence, it's a very, very short story.

There are varying ideas about what qualifies as flash, but for the purposes of the contest here on my blog the rule will be 1,000 words or less.  Tell me a story. Make me care.  In 1,000 words.  Participation rules are:

1) You must follow the blog.  Yes, this is how cults start.
2) You must email me with your story, starting JUNE 1.  If you email me now I'll email you back, telling you it's not June 1.
3) The first 20 people to email me with their flash on JUNE 1 are my participants. You can see the "Email me" link above my followers. Paste your story in the body of the email.
4) All entries will be judged by myself and RC Lewis who runs an excellent blog over at Crossing the Helix.  She also has had her short fiction published in Crossed Genres.  Technically, she's more qualified to judge your short fiction than I am.
5) Winners will get this cool stuff: (two runners up) will get their flash featured here on my blog.  No, it's not the coolest thing that will ever happen to you, but it's a start. The No. 1 Big Fat Winner will get their flash featured on the blog - and a copy of SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH featuring many awesome examples of short fiction, including Neil Gaiman, Diana Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, and edited by George R.R. Martin.  So you're drooling now, right?  Also if anyone is interested, I am still giving away locks of my hair.  Ok not really.  I think the Health Dept. would not be cool with that.

If you've got questions please email me or post in the comments below.  I'll leave you with an example of my own flash.  Technically, this is considered microflash (as in very, very, very short).  Tomorrow I will post yet another example of flash (longer flash, anyway).  Cause I know you're all just setting around waiting for BBC flash.  This one is titled "Bood."

In the end it had been his insistence about phonetics that had ruined them.  The fact that he repeatedly pronounced the “l” in words like “tortilla” and “salmon” pushed her over the edge.  For weeks she had eliminated “l” from her own vocabulary, hoping that somehow this would restore their equilibrium.  It hadn’t been enough.

“Bood,” she said, regarding her previously clean kitchen floor.  “That’s a ot of bood.”  She was amazed at what a sharp knife and a quick downward snap could accomplish.


Stephen L. Duncan said...

Awesome! Great idea, ladies.

R.C. Lewis said...

You are one twisted woman.

But I already knew that. And it's one of many things I love about you. :D

Riley Redgate said...


ALSO THAT PIECE IS FANTASTIC. I know a girl who might do that (and it's, uh, not me at all *cough*)...

Anonymous said...

This is rad. Both the idea, and your story. Yes I know my 80's roots are showing.

Mindy McGinnis said...

SLD - well, it's one of those selfish things, really. I give away one book, I get three blog posts out of it, and I rope RC into helping. It's WIN!

RC - Yup. One big, twist of a woman. With lime ;)

Riley - Thanks, kiddo. I'm glad you liked it. I'm one of those people that lets all the dark stuff sit inside so it rots, and molds and turns into a big death clump. Then I recycle into "Death Clump Words." Hooray for using negativity for the greater good!! :)

Mindy McGinnis said...

GreenMSim - (like how I totally mutated you there?) thanks! And yeah, get that taken care of!

Bethany C. said...


Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

rad indeed, I was about to use this word as well. Its official. Rad it is!

Anita said...

Eek! You need to be careful asking to get flashed around here. We have some AWESOME yet daring and hilarious blogging pals that might take you WAY too literally. Hee

Great idea! It'll be fun to see what comes of this. ;)