Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Which Someone Asks Me Stuff

Guess what?  You know how they say "three times a bridesmaid never a bride?"  Well, I've been in five weddings and am divorced, so you do the math.  I'm really bad at it.

But - the same does not hold true for "three hundred (or however many) times the interviewer, never the interviewee," because... someone asked me questions!  And I answered them!

Alright seriously - check out a dual interview with myself, and my Agent Lady, Adriann Ranta, over at KristaV's Mother, Write, Repeat. blog.  I talk about how awesome she is, she talks about how awesome I am.  It's generally a good time.

And a reminder about flashing me: the flash fiction contest starts JUNE 1.  Rules, regulations, and unmitigated punishments for not following said rules and regulations can be found here.

But don't be afraid to enter, cause I don't bite.

Well, I do, but I usually don't break the skin.

Okay, sometimes I break the skin but I hardly ever draw blood.

Enjoy the interview, enjoy writing your flash fiction, and definitely check back in tomorrow for a very cool SAT that might just have you wanting to pet me.


Kelly Bryson said...

Hey Mindy- I love Krista's new interview setup. It sounds like you had fun!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Hi Kelly! I had a *great* time, and was thrilled to be on the A end of the Q&A :)