Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A BBCHAT with Jenny Bent

Today BBCHAT continues! Bigblackcat's Humane Agent Talk: In Which A Particularly Agreeable Agent Answers a Series of Questions that Have Nothing to do with Queries or Submission Guidelines. Yeah, don't try to make an acronym out of that last bit.

The BBCHAT is designed to get the personality of the agent in the spotlight, and an enterprising querier can use this information to figure out if the agent is a good fit for them, rather than just another agent who happens to cover their genre.

The last question involves something that oddly resembles a contest, and ties in with the blog name. Note the rules: to participate you need to follow the blog (so include your screenname in the email so that I can identify you), and your answer must come in an email to me, not a post in the comments section. First person to email me with the correct answer wins. You'll notice the "email me" link above my followers box to the right. Or maybe you won't notice it. In which case, you'll be totally flummoxed.

Jenny Bent founded The Bent Agency in 2009, after six years as Vice President at Trident Media Group.  She represents commercial and literary fiction for adults and young adults, with a special focus on women's fiction, suspense, and paranormal.   Since opening her doors, she's had five authors hit the NYT bestseller list with multiple others on the USA Today, Bookscan, Borders, and Barnes and Noble bestseller lists.

BBC: What are you reading right now and why do you like it? 
JB: In general I really like reading crime writing, like Kate Atkinson’s, or women’s fiction.  I just finished THE WEIRD SISTERS by Eleanor Brown, which I really enjoyed.

BBC: Paper or plastic? 
JB: Both!  I love reading on my ipad, but after a few e-books I find I’m in the mood to read what I still think of as a “real” book.

BBC: What's on your bucket list? 
JB: I’d like to jump out of a plane and swing on a trapeze.  That’s about it.

BBC: Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? 
JB: Nope, and don’t really have that desire! 

BBC: What type of agent are you?  
     a) Cheerleader
     b) Therapist
     c) Bushwhacking Guide - slashing a path through the publishing jungle for              your writer!
     d) Red Ink Saturation Committee Member
JB: Bushwhacking Guide, definitely.  With a little cheerleader thrown in.   And sometimes the red ink one too.  

BBC: If you had a guaranteed sell, what type of story would you like to represent? 
JB: Really wholesome young adult or middle grade, maybe with some magic thrown in.   Or great crime, like Elmore Leonard or Lee Child.

BBC: Tell me three things about yourself, one of them being a LIE!  First person to email me with the correct guess as to the lie gets a copy of THE ART OF SAYING GOODBYE  by Ellyn Bache, a new release from one of Jenny's clients!
JB: 1) I am extremely soft-spoken 
       2) I used to pack chicken at Holly Farms
       3) I have a masters in English Literature from Cambridge


Anita said...

Hi Jenny!!

Don't let her fool you; she can be a therapist, too, when necessary. LOL. Honestly, she's mostly the bushwacker / cheerleader combo. Her cute smile comes in handy for both!

Great interview, Mindy. :)

Ellyn said...

Every writer needs the bushwacker/cheerleader combo . . . but she's truly a wonderful editor, as well.
Ellyn Bache

Bethany C. said...

Because I won last time, I'm not going to participate in the game. (Sort of how Oprah doesn't accept Emmy awards any more. Just like that, actually).

I can tell you that a good friend of mine is talented enough to be repped by Jenny and if half of what she's told me of her is true--Jenny's a DAMN good agent!! Thanks for letting us get to know her a little better, BBC.

Caroline said...

Not sure if my other comment (made about 12 hours ago) got lost. Just in case, I guess the lie is #1 - that Jenny Bent is soft-spoken

Jenny Phresh said...

I hear nothing but good things about the marvelous Jenny. As we know, people named Jenny are always alarmingly clever. Thanks for the interview!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I agree, Jenny seems quite wonderful! And thanks to her for doing the BBCHAT. Ellyn - looking forward to your book!