Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Housekeeping and A Big Fat Congrats!

Just a few notes for everybody as I roll into summer:

I'm up for the Happy Writer Society at Natalie Whipple's blog Between Fact & Fiction!  Check it out.

And one of my followers has a big, fat success story to share - check out Gennifer Albin's blog Authorize for the definition of "whirlwind success."  Congrats to her!

Lastly - don't forget you have until June 14 to participate in the Flash Fiction contest!  Get your flash (short story of 1k or less) to me via the email link above the followers before then.  There's still room, so don't feel like you just wasted a whole bunch of energy hitting the "send" button.

And also don't forget that starting July 1 it is WoCoMoMo here on WriterWriter - Word Count Motivational Month.  I'll be posting my word counts weekly, and anyone who would like to see if they can outwrite me is welcome to try.  Honor system, of course.  That, and my people will be watching you.

Alright, everyone else enjoy their weekend.  I'm off to research polio and cholera.


Jemi Fraser said...

Great post over at Natalie's! Have fun with your research ... although it's not really a fun topic!!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Thanks Jemi... no researching all the infectious ways to kill off your characters isn't hot stuff, but it's necessary stuff.