Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wrahm! Bomb! Thank You Mom!

I've got the Wednesday WOLF up, for those of you who are just as nerdy as I am (man I wish there was a meter for that). For non-nerds, or just people who like to listen to things I have to say, I'm guest posting today over at Gennifer Albin's wonderful blog, Authorize.

Genn has started a wonderful series called WrAHM - Write At Home Moms - and asked fellow WrAHMer's, "How do you do it?"

Head on over to Genn's blog for my helpful tips on writing while still, ya know, living.

BBC's HoWM (House of Writing Metaphors) will continue tomorrow -with a picture of my potty!  I know everyone is totally going YES! right now.

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