Sunday, September 4, 2011

It Was A Dark & Stormy Night...

No really, it was.

Roughly two weeks ago some pretty serious weather swept through my area and managed to wipe out both my wireless router (good-bye hours of recumbent web surfing in bed) and my Wii, (good-bye days of easier parenting), and also, for a brief moment, pulled a fast one on my nervous system.

The bolt that I blame for the loss of my life of ease came down so closely to my house that I heard the sizzle before the flash, and the thunder came at the precise moment as the lightning. It drove my progeny into bed with me, and even the fuzzy members of my family were nestled near my toes at one point.

We'd all just re-situated ourselves and the smaller occupants of the bed were dozing off when another flash hit nearby, and I heard a high-pitched child's voice echoing through my house.

BBC's Self-Addressed Internal Thought Process:
BBC1: You didn't hear that.
BBC2: You did hear it, but it was an outside cat, or maybe a raccoon.
BBC1: Doing what? Vocally complaining about the storm?
BBC2: Sure? Why not?
BBC1: I'm skeptical about your reasoning, but I'll go with it for now.

At which another flash took out my electricity and I heard the child speak again, a high-pitched, excited sentence of which I could not discern any words. I sat up and took stock of the bed.

BBC1: The kids are in bed with you asleep. It's not them.
BBC2: The animals are in bed with you asleep. It's not them.
BBC1: That came from inside the house.
BBC2: No shit.
BBC1: Uh, OK. So now what?
BBC2: Well, the electric is out. I'm not happy about that.
BBC1: And if it wasn't you'd totally go looking for the ghost waif?
BBC2: Maybe.
BBC1: Should I talk to it?
BBC2: I highly doubt there's anything there. I've lived in this house a long time, why would I just now notice a kid ghost?
BBC1: Fair question.

A third lightning flash, and another response from the ghost. This time I'm listening and I distinctly hear the world "Hola!"

BBC1: Why is my ghost Spanish?
BBC2: That doesn't make any sense.
BBC1: No shit.

And the light bulb lit up, both literally and metaphorically as the lights came back on and I realized that there was so much electricity in the air that my youngest daughter's Dora the Explorer toys were being activated by it.

Lesson learned. Even though it's pretty fun to conjecture about creepy stuff there *usually* is a perfectly rational explanation. As a writer,  I need to be sold on ghost and horror stories before I can buy into them. Tell me why, make me believe, don't leave me room to explain it away.

I'm definitely a Mulder at heart, but you've got to get through my Scully exterior to convince me :)


Jen said...

A possessed Dore the Explorer? Now I'm even more scared!

erica and christy said...

We've had a lot of storms around here the past month, too. Our electric's mostly stayed on (or out only for a short time), but it keeps kicking out the internet to my kid's desktop. And yes, it activated my youngest's toy that does a rocket-ship type countdown, so once in awhile we wonder if it really can sense impending apocolypse!

cherie said...

Ooh, that happened to me too a few years back, except it was with a Tinkerbell kitchen set (a stand up kitchen with a sink and an oven) that talks ("Have a flitterific day!")

So we were all asleep when hubs and I got woken up by the perky voice in the middle of the night. I immediately went to check on my daugter, who was fast asleep in her room. The battery was dying so the voice was garbled, but I didn't know it at first. So we would hear "Have a fligroubbeurhkdayyy..." I went into the front room (yes, I'm the brave one LOL) and was relieved to see it was just the toy kitchen. So i turned it off and went back to bed. The next thing I knew it was shouting garbled words again. I was like, WTH? So hubs suggested I take off the batteries. I went looking for a screwdriver (yes, such a pain. I'm rummaging drawers in the dark at 3 am, and half-blind too), finally found one, and proceeded to dismantle toy's battery pack. Done, battery out. I was just turning around to head back to the bedroom when the darn thing TALKED AGAIN! Sans batteries!

You bet I hightailed it outta there and crawled under the covers. Hub's like, "You didn't take out the battery?" I said, "I did."


Mindy McGinnis said...

Jen - It was freaky as hell. She kept looking at me and saying, "Can you say DEVIL? "El diablo!" Say it with me!!

Erica, Cherie - It's actually a major relief that other mommies have had this experience. There really should be a parenting pamphlet about things like this that no one thinks to warn us about.

Kathryn Elliott said...

LOL!!! Dora creeps me out a little. I mean really, she talks to a monkey; how sane could she be? I bet she's packin' heat in that backpack.