Monday, December 19, 2011

When The Muse Has A Head Cold

The beautiful man to whom I owe my alter ego has not been feeling so well. Nothing serious, just a head cold. But when you're accustomed to being perfect and walking around looking indignant, a sudden bout of sneezing can really drop a whammy on your ego. So the man, he suffers, and we've been curling up together with the first snowfall in Ohio and taking some time out.

And what did we do? A little research for the WIP, a little self-searching for BigCat. I've always known there was something special about my man, other than being my muse. He has a very distinctive look, and after a little research I learned that he's a Turkish Angora cat, and that the pure black ones, while awesome, are not the highly prized type. I didn't tell him that though.

He feels bad enough already.


Jo-Ann said...

Aww, Mindy, he is gorgeous! What's not to prize?
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Give him a scratch between the ears from me. Black cats rule!

Kathryn Elliott said...

Poor guy. Even the regal get the winter ick. Feel purrrfect soon!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Aw... thanks guys. I'll pass along the good feelings to him. My man is also an old man - he was a hand me down cat (adult) when I got him ten years ago, so I tend to pamper him as he ages.... I may or may not have run the vaporizer for him last night in the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful eyes! He looks like he is full of good luck!