Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

It's been another week of me thinking random things. I do enjoy rambling around in my own brain sometimes. Thursday Thoughts is a great dumping ground for all those little snippets that aren't intelligent enough to make their own blog post about, and certainly don't merit a short story or (God forbid) a novel. For example:

1) I can crack my back by flexing my thighs. I've discovered this about myself, and it's one of those ridiculous personal quirks that I'm oddly proud of.

2) Nathan Fillion has a READ poster. It's already been bought and hung up in my library. I can now say I put mounting tabs on Nathan Fillion.

3) I kind of have a READ poster addiction. I've got a few on my wish list. I'd love to see Edward Norton reading FIGHT CLUB or Norman Reedus with THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE.

It's kind of a librarian thing.


Marin McGinnis said...

Have you always been able to crack your back by flexing your thighs, or is this just since you fell down the stairs? ;)

Suzi said...

I used to have a bookmark addiction. Every time I went to the library I'd grab one of the free bookmarks. I had quite the collection once I got to adulthood. It's been whittled down over the years, but I still have many (and continue to grab them from the library).

My favorite: A bear reading a book. The quote says, "I'm not deaf, I'm ignoring you."

April Tucholke said...

Nathan Fillion. Hell yeah. My husband does library things, too. You public, school, or college?

Mindy McGinnis said...

Marin - actually, this is an odd phenomenon that I attribute mostly to the natural body chemical called (no really) relaxin. Your body makes it when you're pregnant to loosen your joints to assist in birthing, so I won't go into too much detail other than to say, it happens once a month too. And it's much easier for me to crack my back by flexing my thighs during those times.

Suzi - That's beautiful! I had one that said, "SHH! I'm trying to read!" but then whenever I would say that my older sister would say, "Awww... you're illiterate?? That's so saaaaad."

April - High school! Public High school! So it's an adventure EVERY day.