Monday, April 30, 2012

Being A Bitch Is Just Bitchy

So, I ended up in Albuquerque a little longer than expected. Self-edit... I ended up in the ABQ airport a little longer than expected. Like, a whole day.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that crit partner extraordinaire, Rachel Lewis, came to my rescue. Not only did she pick me up to begin with, let me crash at her place, drove me to the airport in the morning... she then came back 8 hours later to take me BACK to her place. And Monday morning she will get up and take me to the airport yet again, and at an obscenely early hour.

So obviously my post title isn't directed at her.

Actually, it's not directed at anyone. The vast majority of my fellow passengers were well-behaved considering we were penned into the failed aircraft for an hour and a half, directed to get our luggage from the carousel, then informed at the baggage claim that our luggage had never come down, and had instead gone on to our final destinations, and that we had to go back through security in order to get to the ticketing gates to get re-routed (or not)... You get the idea.

 Sure, some people said four-letter words, some were crappy to the gate workers (as if they had broken the plane to spite us), some were even crappy to their own traveling companions. But most of us just sat down in an empty chair, cracked open our books, phones, Nooks, Kindles and iPads, and prepared to wait. Because we knew that bitching would just make us look stupid on top of being late.

So remember aspiring writers, getting bitchy and shaking your fists at the person/people that you believe may be responsible for what's going wrong today... try playing Sneezies for an hour before you say something you might regret.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Air travel ain't what it used to be. Working at the airport, I know that people who bitch just make themselves look stupid because the people at fault are never at the mercy of the public.

Rena said...

Bummer, and the sunport isn't exactly what one would call spacious or very interesting. I've spent my fair share of time going through the gift shops there. I hope you made it out today.

Mindy McGinnis said...

Yvonne - yeah, wouldn't want to work at one. No way, no how.

Rena - I did! I'm actually HOME!!