Monday, May 28, 2012

Amy Parrish Is A Genius and I Heart Her

Yeah, so if the title of this post doesn't significantly convey how I felt about my photography shoot on Friday, allow me to go into more detail.

Amy Parrish of Granville, OH is just frickin' grand. Loved her, loved her ideas, loved the fact that one of the first things she said to me when I got out of the car was, "So, how do you feel about climbing?"

Yeah. We got along.

She put up a few of the shots from my session on her blog, Parrish the Thought. Enjoy!

And lastly, thanks to everyone who stopped in for A.G. Howard's CRAP interview. Check out her blog for the winner of the SPLINTERED swag giveaway!


Escape Artist said...

Mindy, they turned out beautiful! Each one presents a different mood! I know which is my fav. It will be interesting to see which one you pick! You looked very professional. Without a glass of wine, I would have had my nervous tic on for sure! : )

R.C. Lewis said...



Mindy McGinnis said...

EA - That's part of what made her so cool, totally low key, I wasn't even thinking about the fact I was being photographed!

RC - ; )