Friday, May 25, 2012

Author Photo Friday!

Well... I've got an appointment today to make my life better. Or something like that.

Today is the day I put on a dress, do my hair, paint my nails, and pack some comfy clothes to get the more casual shots that I'll probably end up using.

In any case, I think everyone is aware of the conundrum that (to me) is an author photo. So wish me luck.

And the poor photographer.


Suzi said...

Good luck (to the photographer) :)

E. M. LaBonte said...

You'll do fine darling. Good luck anyway. :D

Anonymous said...

Have fun! =)

Caryn Caldwell said...

Good luck! I'm sure the photos will turn out great.

Loved your vlog, too. Hilarious!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Suzi - I'll pass along your sentiments :) She seems fun - get ready for some non-traditional author shots!

EM - I've got this thing where when I smile my eyes disappear. Geez. Stupid face.

EF - Fun. Always.

Caryn - Hi! I'm thrilled you liked the vlog. It was a work of love :)

Bethany Crandell said...

We decided center part, with glasses, right?! ;)

You will be lovely!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Bethany - I actually didn't wear the glasses, b/c I'm planning on getting laser surgery this summer and NEVER EVER having to be crippled by legal blindness again!! Take THAT genetic deficiencies!!

And GUESS WHAT GUYS!?! My freaking photo session was AWESOME!! I had a blast, I'm totally confident that the pictures were awesome. There was a talented woman behind that camera, and it will show!