Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday MORP

When I was in high school we had a dance called the MORP dance. Yeah, that's "prom" backwards. The idea of the MORP dance was that you came looking like crap, danced badly, and made a fool of yourself on purpose.

Really, MORP wasn't that different from prom for someone like me, but you get the point.

I mention it because I'm going to reshare my vlog that I posted last Friday on the Friday the Thirteeners blog. Just so you're not wondering why the hell I did what I did in this vlog - the Thirteeners take Truth or Dare's every Friday from our lovely followers. Mine was to share a video from high school or share pictures of yourself as a teenager.

I decided to talk about boobs a little bit too, but that's just to make it more of a human interest story. Enjoy!


Suzi said...

Moms are so wonderful.

My fave was the red one at the end.

For some reason in high school, I chose to wear strapless dresses for prom. I can't figure out why because there's nothing I hate more than strapless dresses and I've always been a modest dresser.

I can still fit into my prom dress from my sophomore year... and zip it up. Whoo hoo. Not quite sure how that works cause I way more then I did then, but I won't question it.

Mindy McGinnis said...

Suzi - Yeah. Ahem... mine aren't all zipped :)