Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call for Submissions

I'm in the editing cave, friends. No Thursday Thoughts today because my mind is kind of on a circuit right now that involves taking out all the double spaces after a period that was ingrained in me at college.

Instead I want to talk to you about a writing opportunity with an Indie press, The Elephant's Bookshelf. My short story "First Kiss" was the anchor story for their first anthology offering, SPRING FEVERS - which by the way, is available for free now on Kindle.

Elephant's Bookshelf is now accepting submissions for their next anthology, titled THE FALL. The theme is apocalyptic, dystopian, or otherwise end-of-the-world related fun. Guidelines for submissions can found here.

So come play with us! I've submitted mine.


Stephen L. Duncan said...

I had to do the same thing with the double spaces. If you're using Word, go to Replace in the menu bar (maybe under Edit?) and hit the spacebar twice in the Find and then once in the Replace. Voila!

Jean Oram said...

I'm just waiting for one more crit on mine and I'll be sending it in to see if it passes the mustard. I hope so. :D

Dunc, I've heard of others using find and replace to get rid of the double spaces too. It was a strangely easy habit for me to break. Scary, really.

Escape Artist Linda said...

Yes, it really does work. Under find and replace. It's kind of weird 'cause you know you're just typing in two spaces and then replacing with one, but it really does work! Try it! Very satisfying!
Word of advice though. Save it immediately. I've had Word shut down on me when I made too many changes in one go.
And yeah, the double space thing,they equate it to the days of learning how to type on a typewriter. An agent recently twittered about it being a sure fire way of placing author's in an age bracket. Made me laugh. Also made me hit find and replace real quick! : ) Good luck in the cave!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Good tips guys :) Thanks!

Marin McGinnis said...

Thanks for those tips! Being older than Mindy, I too have the double space habit ingrained, and I am not at all sure I can break myself of it. But I did do the Find/Replace, and it worked like a charm. 763 occurrences in 49 pages. :) Good luck in the cave, Mindy!