Monday, August 6, 2012

The Worth of the Word Cloud & A Week of Giveaways

So here's a big fat question for everybody -

Do you use the word cloud on blogs? More specifically - do you use the word cloud on my blog?

I use them. I like them. It's the bloggers answer to an index. But it's also a little unwieldy hanging out there in the right sidebar, even though I've tried very hard not to use random words for tags and stick to a few that I already had. (Although, I'm keeping "cholera" over there. Yes, yes I am).

So I'm doing a little blog rearranging here and there and the word cloud is kind of bothering me. I may put it in different spots and try it out. Would anyone cry in their Cheerios if I took it away? (Salty Cheerios are very not tasty).

But hey - there's a real reason why you clicked on this, isn't there?

Starting next Sunday August 12 - Fri August 17 I'll be giving away a book everyday. It's called late spring cleaning, but it's also a time for you to rejoice at my bad habits of bringing home things I don't need. Some info on the books - they're all YA. Some are ex-library books, some are ex book club books, so you're not getting bright shiny hardcovers.

BUT - the big kicker for Friday's giveaway on Aug. 17 is a signed copy of THE WARRIOR HEIR by Cinda Williams Chima. So yeah, you might want to hang around for that one.

The only rules I have for this giveaway is that you must be a follower of the blog, and if you want to win the signed Cinda Williams Chima, you must have entered to win at least one of the other books throughout the week.

All you'll have to do to enter is comment on the blog on a day that you see a book you want.

So - get ready to visit my blog next week, and beat the rush by following me now :)


Suzi said...

I won't cry if you take it away, but...

I do use them. Not so much on blogs I regularly visit. But when I'm a new visitor to a blog. It's a way to look for words that interest me and I'll read through the posts.

For instance, many moons ago before I sent you my query, I hit Saturday Slash to see all the query critiques. Almost scared me off, but I took a deep breath and sent my query.

So. I think it's helpful. But there comes a point too, where there are so many categories, it's too much. Um, I'm looking to the right and seeing a great example of too many categories. ;)

So anyways, I'm for them.

Mindy McGinnis said...

Agreed - thanks Suzy! Maybe I'll just pare down the cloud...