Monday, December 10, 2012

A Contest With Agents, Friends, And a Reminder to Go to the OB-GYN

I know what you're thinking.

Another contest? Seriously? But I absolutely despise all these chances to expose my work to agents!

Well, don't worry. Because I'm me, when I decided to do a contest I knew I had to make it Mindy-Style, which means it had to be different from everyone else and slightly offensive. I wracked my brain about how to do this, as there are a plethora of writing contests out there. And I came up with something that I think fulfills the Mindy-Style requirements.

Introducing the Pitch-A-Partner Festival! Yes, that's right, it's the PAPfest. Coming at you during the month of February 2013. Why February? Well, because you want to show your partner you love them, and also because I have a badly timed reoccurring annual exam that makes me think February = PAPfest.

When it comes to my writing I value my Critique Partners above all else. My CP's deserve a lot of credit for helping to improve my craft, and I'm sure there are a lot of aspiring authors out there who feel the same. So what better way to show them you love them than to pitch their project? Don't worry, there's something in it for both of you.

I dragged my CP's, MarcyKate Connolly and RC Lewis, into the PAPfest as co-hosts, because it's only fitting. In our model, writers will pitch their critique partner’s project, and our team will decide whose pitching abilities are so strong that we’re interested in seeing their own project. And of course, if the premise of the partner’s project is so enticing that we can’t help ourselves, we’re free to request material from them as well.

The blogging team will narrow the final hopefuls down to 30 entries, at which point we’ll ask our participating agents to cruise our blogs to bid on projects that catch their eye. We've got an excellent team of agents lined up, both established and brand-new hungry types.
  • The PAPfest is open to completed MG & YA projects of any genre
  • Be sure to have your CP's permission before pitching them
  • If CP-X successfully pitches CP-Y, we will ask for the query and first 5 pages of CP-X's ms to use in determining who moves on to agent judging
  • 100 initial entries accepted
  • 30 finalists move on to agent judging
  • Finalists will provide query & first 200 words for agent judging. Their partner CP-Y has the option of requesting a query critique from the PAP team of myself, MarcyKate and RC.
Are you confused? That's OK. We're planning on walking you through the process as February gets closer. All kinds of fun things are in store to clarify all your questions. I mean that. I intend to amuse the hell out of you while explaining this contest.

Why am I telling you this now? Because I want you to stress over the holidays.

Not really. I'm telling you this now because it's important that you have your CP's permission to pitch their project - they'll be getting a query crit out of the deal (and possibly a request for more if we're hooked by their concept, pitched by you). And of course in order for you to pitch something in the first place, you need to have read it. So polish off your WIPs or breathe new life into a trunked novel and get that ms in front of your CP!

Stay tuned to Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire for more details! And feel free to ask questions, always. Comments here are open, email me, or tweet me using the tag #PAPfest

And yes, I'd love to see that trending. :)


Michelle 4 Laughs said...

What if your CP is a male? I'm assuming PAPfest is open to all genders, though they may be embarrassed.

Second question: Do we have to create our own pitch for their ms? We can't use the pitch they've already made.

It sounds like fun.

Mindy McGinnis said...

We welcome males, our stirrups are one size fits all. Yes, you definitely want to write your own pitch for their MS. We're going to be judging entries on who is a good pitch writer first and foremost, so if you give us a great pitch but then we see your query and it's not-so-hot, we'll know you're a stinker :)

brighton said...

So since it's open to YA/ MG projects, does that mean I could pitch my CPs MS which is YA even though I myself don't write YA or MG?

Mindy McGinnis said...

Well, technically you can Brighton, but then when you successfully pitch *that* project and we ask to see yours (which I'm confident is brilliant) it may past muster... but the participating agents are MG & YA agents, so it really wouldn't be to your benefit.

On the other hand - your CP could pitch your non-YA project just to show that s/he is a good pitcher, get *their* project in front of us (and possibly the agents) and then *you* get a query crit out of the deal - regardless of genre.

Sound good?

A. Lynden Rolland said...

What a fabulous idea!

And I was chuckling throughout the entire post b/c of the acronym...

Mindy McGinnis said...

Oh I'm glad! I really can't wait to see all those tweets with #PAPfest peppered throughout :)