Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Talk - PIVOT POINT by Kasie West

Even in a school of Paranormals, Addy is special.

Most of the mind-readers and telekinetics call Addy a clairvoyant, even though her gift is more complicated. Addy can see the future, true - but she can see more than one. Whenever Addy is faced with a choice - from what color shirt she wears in the morning to whether or not she studies for a math test - she can perform a Search, experience both lives simultaneously, and know the outcome either way. With this gift, most of the decisions in her life have been easily made - until now.

Her parents are divorcing. Mother, a strong woman but a driving taskmaster, is choosing to stay inside the well-hidden Compound of Paranormals. Her dad, with whom she as a stronger bond, wants to live in the normal world. Addy has to choose which parent she's going to live with, a choice that will drastically re-route her entire life.

With her best Para friend by her side, Addy does a Search, living both choices out to their end. She has no way of knowing that they will converge, one ending in a death, while the other requires her to forget a new relationship that has sparked trust, and encouraged the bloom of first love even in the devastating aftermath of her parent's divorce.

A choice is inevitable and Addy has to make it - which parent will she choose? And who will she sacrifice?


Jessica Ruud said...

I just bought this book! I cannot wait to read it :)

Mindy McGinnis said...

Jessica - You won't be disappointed!