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GENRE: YA Fantasy

WORD COUNT: 75,000


Sixteen-year-old Becca Ford becomes the target of a rogue wizard coven when she investigates the disappearance of plants from the nursery where she works. Becca doesn’t even know magic exists until Magical Internal Affairs intern Derek Moore tries to wipe her memory...and fails. When they flee to a magical island to protect her from the coven and find answers to why her memory can’t be erased, they have to cross the Continental Divide—a place of concentrated magic. Being near such potent magic brings out latent powers in Becca, powers that enable her to glow and control plants.

Becca is surrounded by white light that grows stronger or weaker depending on her mood. Becca is the Halo, a shield who according to some will save the magical world by uniting wizards and magical creatures. But her power is a threat to the current governor who wants nothing to do with elves, dwarves, unicorns or other ‘inhumans.’ Becca doesn’t know how to do magic or control her Halo, and if she doesn’t learn fast it could mean death for her and those she’s come to love.

CROSSING THE DIVIDE is a 75,000-word young adult fantasy that would appeal to readers of Veronica Roth and Tera Lynn Childs. I’m a member of SCBWI and received my English degree from The University of Texas at Austin.


Plants I get; they have guidelines. Sun or shade. Wet soil or dry. Prune them often or leave them alone.

“Hey, Becca, who picked out that skirt? Your grandma?” Kara Phinn snorts and saunters past.

People are harder.

From the edge of the Phinns’s yard I watch throngs of people sing, eat and laugh. Kara and I are in the same calculus class, but we don’t exactly hang with the same crowd.          

The Phinn’s annual Fourth of July cookout features live music, a catered B-B-Q dinner, and the opportunity to mingle with the Who’s Who in Sugarland, which is why my parents wanted to come. But I’m not exactly a mingler, so I squat down to deadhead some begonias, checking my watch for how much longer I’ll have to endure the crowd.

I would’ve designed this garden differently, but of course no one asked for my opinion. It’s nice, but the designer used a lot of annuals. I prefer perennials. They have staying power.

“Hello, Becca. Can’t keep your hands out of the dirt, can you?”

I fall and catch myself on my hands and knees. “Hi." I stand, brushing the dirt off my knees, then push a lock of hair out of my face, most likely smudging my forehead with dirt.


Rantatron said...

Could you please send the first 50 pages and a copy of the query letter to, with "PAPfest" somewhere in the subject?


Adriann Ranta
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Wow! Love the way you begin :) Would you email the first 50 pages and synopsis in query format to

I look forward to reading your work!


Pooja Menon
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Tina Wexler said...

Well, don't I look like the little follower, but I'd love to read 50 pages as well. Please send as a Word attachment to twexler AT icmpartners DOT com.