Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I'm rather in awe of the human body. It does awesome things all on it's own without us telling it to, and most of those things are really helpful - like breathing, blinking, and also the fact that our hearts beat. But when I wake up covered in my own drool I have to think this particular function serves no real purpose.

2) On the same note, when I can't sleep because my brain is refusing to turn off (Hey MINDY - I have a great idea for a new blog series!!! MIIIIINNNDDDYYY!!!! Oh guess what! Here's something I thought of the other day for a new short story - pretty great, right? You should write that down NOW b/c you'll forget in the morning.) I have to wonder what all that looks like inside my head. If only I could sleep in an MRI machine.

3) I don't have free time, so I'm really picky about what movies I watch. I typically want something with real depth to it, but I'm no stranger to a brainless action flick either. But, I have to wonder while I watch all these highly choreographed super-slick fight scenes, why no one ever punches anyone else in the ass? When you hurt your ass it REALLY, REALLY hurts. Strategically, I can see this being a smart move in a fistfight.


Aurora Smith said...

I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm in a fight! :)

Mindy McGinnis said...


Christina said...


1) I'm in awe of it too, but there are many things like that that I question. Like eyebrows. Really our hair in general is weird. There are not many animals with hair in small patches here and there. Why ARE we like this?

2) I totally imagine that my brain looks like a big kind of dusty warehouse full of filing cabinets. All the info's in there, but some of it is lost forever because it's been misfiled, and sometimes I can't remember things because the drawers get stuck or I can't find the key.

3) Hmmm, well, it would have to be a punch to the tailbone, and that might be tricky to aim. Effectiveness of the butt punch would also depend on the weight of your rival. If they've got a big booty, they have plenty of insulation down there, but it could probably be pretty effective against a model.

brighton said...

Watch Blood Diamond (if you haven't already) it has awesome action scenes, but also has depth and meaning.

And for the drooling, your body has to get rid of excess moisture somehow, given how you refuse to get rid of it in other ways.

Derrick Camardo said...

I love how in fight scenes people will get stabbed or something, and then just keep on fighting.

I'd like to think I would be all tough, but most likely I would put my hands into a "T" and scream "Time Out! Time Out! I've just been stabbed. I need to go call my mom."

I mean, there has to at least be a moment of reflection after you get stabbed, I would imagine.

Jai said...

Some of the fight scenes go on so long I wonder if they could only pay a writer for 1/4 of a movie. So they run around car chasing, jumping off buildings etc for the other 3/4.

I like the butt punch. That would be vry funny.

Carmen said...

THIS is the reason I open your emails first. ;)

Mindy McGinnis said...

Christina - Remind me sometime to tell everyone how I broke my tailbone getting off a boat that was not moving and was on dry land at the time.

Brighton - if only I could sweat out my urine. So much time saved.

Derrick - yes. They fight, and they fight, and they get shot, and stabbed, and then they have sex with the girl they're trying to save. No problem.

Jai - Oh yes. This is now my goal. I will find a strategic butt punching scene in an action film. I. Will.

Carmen - I'm glad I could come through for you with the butt punch.