Monday, August 12, 2013

A Lazy Monday in MindyLand - So You Get Cat Videos

Summer is winding down, school is on the horizon, my book debut looms... and the yard needs mowed. Yet I'm not attending to any of these things. Instead I'm reading my fellow Dark Days author's books and being lazy. In fact, I'm so lazy that I didn't write a Monday blog post related to writing or the publishing industry, like I usually try to do.

Instead, I thought I'd provide you with some cat videos. Yes, THAT kind of lazy.

In the first video, I'm attempting to rescue a stray that I accepted earlier last week from a tree. It's like, the least dangerous cat-in-a-tree video you'll ever see. Also, I manage to fail at saving him, due to his complete lack of interest in being saved by me.

The second video is of the new man in my life, Samuel Wilderness. Samuel was discovered in the woods, completely ensnared in thorny underbrush. He's about three weeks old and has decided that I'm his mommy now. My rescue-mutt, Brutus, seems to think he's great fun.


R.C. Lewis said...

Someone get a warrant for the arrest of Samuel Wilderness. He's now murdered me with the cute at least TWICE.

Mindy McGinnis said...

:) Samuel Wilderness is ridiculous. Even the boyfriend was like, "OK he's disgustingly cute."

Pili said...

Oh my goodness!! I've just had a cuteness overload with the kitten & puppy playing video!!

Carmen said...

Waiting for a better option? Yup. You gotta channel your inner-firedude and get a step ladder. I'm not so sure I'd have trusted you with the board, either. But I applaude your efforts. LOL.

Mindy McGinnis said...

Pili - yeah, they're pretty ridiculous, right?

Carmen - Ugh. I gave up on him. He wasn't there in the morning, so I assume he either figured it out or the aliens got him.