Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Thoughts... And a Giveaway!

Thoughts lately...

1) I don't understand insurance. My premium goes up every year that I stay with the same insurance company, so that they can offer really low premiums to new people. To me this is the opposite of how it should be.

2) Corn on the cob is a summer staple, but it's not actually ready in my own garden 'til fall. What's up with that?

3) Also, corn on the cob actually tastes better and is healthier for you raw. So who the hell decided we needed to cook it?

Today's giveaway to celebrate fellow Dark Days authors is an ARC of DON'T LOOK NOW by Michelle Gagnon!

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Marin McGinnis said...

I would agree with all of your thoughts, except the last one. I don't like raw corn--it's a texture thing. I'm weird that way. And did you know your giveaway is closed?

Mindy McGinnis said...

Hmm. yeah it shouldn't be.... looking into that!!

Michelle said...

I'm with you on the insurance and corn. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! xoM

Derrick Camardo said...

On 2, I get my corn from Marty McFly.

Rachel Edmundson said...

1) I'm going to guess you are referring to health insurance? Yeah my mom is self employed and her insurance premium has increased every she is paying a whopping $2300 a MONTH for insurance. And it's not for kick ass insurance either. It's for the basic health insurance that most people initially pay like $150 a month for. And she can't switch companies because she is a cancer survivor, so all the bullshit about pre-existing conditions and all that totally screws her over. The system is seriously flawed and it pisses me off and depresses me all at once.

Meanwhile, I have been trying desperately to get SSI (disability) for 3 years for a debilitating spinal condition and degenerative bone condition that has ruined my life at the ripe old age of 25, and I continue to be turned down because I am young. And yet my neurosurgeon, who has already performed 2 spinal fusions on me, tells me I have the spine of a 60-70 year old woman. And I can't work, so the system has me caught in the middle with no income, no disability payments (which would only be about 700, not much for me and a 5 year old child, but better than nothing) and stuck in an incredibly unhealthy relationship because I have no money and nowhere else to go. Again, the system is seriously flawed.

Wow - sorry about just making that all about me - I didn't even realize how badly I needed to let that out! It is exhausting sometimes just putting on a happy face and pretending everything is great!

2) I thought corn plants took 2 years to actually produce anything edible! My sister grew it one year and after hearing that, decided it was too much effort for next to nothing, especially since she only had 2 plants.

3) I have never had raw corn! I'll have to try that.

4) Thanks for all of these great giveaways!

And 5) Only 39 days 9 hours 21 minutes 2 seconds and counting until Not A Drop To Drink releases!!! YAY! Still going crazy waiting, but at least it won't be too long!

Debra McKellan said...

It's not crunchy when uncooked? o.O

Mindy McGinnis said...

Michelle - :) No problem!!

Derrick - I wouldn't his prices. Inflation.

Rachel - I mean car and house insurance, but health insurance... yeah that's a whole 'nother story. And, system or not -- get out of the unhealthy relationship. Just trust me on that one.

Deb - It is just as crunchy, and actually sweeter! It just pops in your mouth, It's AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet corn raw. I think we cook it so the butter will melt. Cause we Americans love our fat! :)