Monday, April 21, 2014

Anthology Collection Giveaway!

Because my brain never stops, I also write short stories. I tend to come up with a really great idea every now and then that can't be stretched into a novel. That doesn't mean it's less deserving of being captured. In fact, I find it much more difficult to craft a short story than a novel. I'm really proud of my shorts, all of which have been published in seasonal anthologies available from Elephant's Bookshelf Press. The final EBP anthology, Winter's Regret, was recently published. To celebrate, I'm giving away the entire collection - one short from me in each title - along with matching bookmarks.

To be human is to have regrets, to question decisions, even to doubt our own abilities and capacities. Whether it’s because of a path not taken or a decision made for selfish or – perhaps worse – unselfish reasons, we all have had moments and decisions we regret. We might regret not recognizing an opportunity. In the end, the choices we make help shape our future. WINTER'S REGRET features my short story "Perfection." Available in print and download.

My short, "First Kiss" is the lead story in SPRING FEVERS. An anthology of short stories, it explores tales of relationships in their varied states: love -- requited and unrequited -- friendships discovered and lost, family in its many guises, and the myriad places in between. Individual stories in the anthology will appeal to fans of young adult, literary, and science fiction, as well as other genres. Spring Fevers is available in printdownload and is also free on Kindle.

THE FALL: TALES FROM THE APOCALYPSE, explores different visions of the apocalypse. Ancient prophecies, technological Armageddon, failures of government, a distracted deity, and yes, zombies all have their moments in this collection, but so do love, yearning, hope, and humor. In the end, the apocalypse offers a path to new beginnings, even if it takes a course through death, despair, and destruction to find them. The Fall features my one-act play, "Disconnect." It is available in print and download.

My story "Anesthetic" appears in SUMMER'S DOUBLE EDGE, which examines relationships in transition, perhaps at an end. Indeed, not all relationships are meant to last. The second in the two-book summer anthology from Elephant's Bookshelf Press, Summer's Double Edge contains some of the collection's darker tales. Readers of horror as well as romance will find stories that appeal to them, as will those who enjoy a dash of humor or who keep a box of tissues nearby to wipe away a tear. Available in print and download.

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thomas h cullen said...

Life is of full potential:

Ironically, it's our own very human nature which so often stops us from reaching it.

Our emotional, and our mental biases: they'll get in the way of potential decisions being made....and yet this is what makes us human.

The very definition, one could say, of our being is to be limited.

Life's true meaning, it's true state of arbitrariness, of meaninglessness and randomness is what I now try to more and more keep in touch with when making a decision.

It's essentially this sort of thinking which has led me to being a regular visitor to this site.

thomas h cullen said...
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