Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I get migraines from looking at backlit screens. I'm considering writing with sunglasses on, and this will be my new thing. I am too cool for my laptop.

2) I was at the gym for two hours the other day and now I cannot lift my arms above my head. That's okay though, because I don't actually use that motion in real life.

3) On the other hand, I pulled a muscle in my ass and you don't realize how much you use your ass everyday.


Debra McKellan said...

I miss whichever Microsoft program had the blue screen/white words combination. It was such a relief.

R.C. Lewis said...

Debra, wasn't that WordPerfect (not MS Word) v5.1?

That was my first word processing program, anyway. Ah, the days before WYSIWYG displays. :)

Suzi said...

Yesterday I was at a health/trades career expo thing for 9th graders. I was surprised about the amount of boys with sunglasses on. Apparently the fluorescent lighting of the arena was too bright for them. :)

Mindy McGinnis said...

Word Perfect.

*moment of silence*