Monday, August 15, 2016

Pre-Order THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES & Get A Signed Postcard!

My next release is fast approaching!

THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES will be out on September 20th, and I'm very excited to get this one out into the world. If you're excited too, let me know by pre-ordering the book and emailing me either a screen cap of your pre-order email receipt, or a pic of your printed receipt if you ordered from a physical bookstore.

Already pre-ordered it? Cool. Same thing applies.

Send proof of purchase along with your address to me: mindy (at) mindymcginnis (dot) com and I will send you a FEMALE OF THE SPECIES postcard, signed by yours truly.

I know other authors might do cool things like make you jewelry to thank you for pre-ordering, but I am really only good at this one thing - writing. So to make up for that I'll rub my face on each postcard before I mail it.

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