Monday, December 19, 2016

Go On, Patronize Me

But in a nice way.

Loyal blog followers will know that I recently became a full time writer. I have two books releasing in 2017 - GIVEN TO THE SEA, a fantasy, in April, and THIS DARKNESS MINE, a contemporary thriller in the fall. The same holds true for 2018 - the sequel to SEA releasing in the spring, followed by a released in the fall.

Up until this past August I had been working full time in a library as well as being a full time writer, but it was time to let something go. That something was the full time job, and with it went things like insurance.

I've got what I need - food, shelter, and clothing - but keeping up with insurance is going to get tricker in the new year... and even more so in the following year if things continue on their current course.

So, I made the decision to start a Patreon page. The idea is that fans become patrons - regular supporters of their chosen artists - and in return the artist supplies them with something personal, a token of their thanks.

You can support me for as little as $1 a month, or you can get crazy and give me $200 a month. The higher tiers have things like signed, early printings of my hardcovers, and even signed ARCs mailed to you (when available) if you're feeling super generous.

My support tiers are named after the cats, details below!

The Sparrow
$1 or more per month 
Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed with weekly musings about writing, reading and the creative life AND pictures of the lowest maintenance cat in the world... Sparrow.

The Norton
$5 or more per month 
Previous tier + access to monthly update video where I'll answer any questions you have about my books, upcoming work, or publishing, industry, & craft questions AND pictures of the sleek tabby with all the answers, Norton.

The Alicia
$10 or more per month 
Previous tiers + monthly flash fiction (stories under 2k words) or micro fiction (300 words or less) AND pictures of Alicia, the cat who disappears in a flash for months at a time, then reappears exuding nonchalance.

The Samhain
$15 or more per month 
Previous tiers + monthly mailing (US only) of signed swag - bookmarks, postcards, bookplates, personalized postcards from cities when I'm touring - AND pictures of Samhain, the little fluff ball that leaves her calling card everywhere she's been.

The Minnow
$20 or more per month  
Previous tiers + monthly mailings (US only) of signed, previously published anthologies that I have short stories in. Once those are exhausted I will publish new, previously unreleased shorts for the Minnow Tier. Read my shorts AND get pictures of Minnow, my favorite runt.

The Panda
$50 or more per month 
Previous tiers + a monthly Google Hangout with me and other members at this level. Quantity limited to keep chats from being overwhelming! Get social AND get pics of Panda, the friendliest cat I know.

The Ginger
$100 or more per month 
Previous tiers + a signed hardcover of each of my novels, coming to you in monthly mailings (US only) for previously released novels, plus early, signed first printings for each new novel as they are released. AND pictures of Ginger, the red hot tabby who knows she's got it.

The Samuel Wilderness
$200 or more per month 
Previous tiers + signed ARC (Advanced Readers Copies) mailings (US only) when I have them AND pictures of Samuel Wilderness, the Maine Coon who has it all, but won't refuse anything.

Rewards will begin January of 2017!

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