Monday, February 20, 2017

A Walk In The Woods

I've got a lot going on, and that's fine - I like it that way.

But it's 70 degrees in Ohio (in February, mind you) and my laundry is hanging on the line so yesterday it was hard to stay inside and work. Everything I do is tied to the computer. Writing, editing, blogging - and the new podcast I'm starting to go along with this blog - require me to sit inside and stare at a screen.

Sometimes it's not fun. Yesterday was one of those times.

I thought I'd go into the woods. It's not a stress thing, or a cathartic thing, or a break for freedom. It was simply hanging out the laundry and saw the woods and thought I might like to be in it. So I went.

If you look you can see spot awesome things in the woods. And if you don't you're likely to miss a lot. I was taking my time yesterday, standing still even, when I spotted a drop (an antler that a deer has shed). Drops are hard to see, as they blend in so perfectly with the forest floor. I grabbed it to have an entire skull follow, shedding a few years worth of the leaf covering that had been hiding.

So I have a new friend. A dead friend, but a friend. He's in my office now, providing a wonderful focal point for me to zone out on when that's what work calls for.


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Your new friend is pretty cool. :)

I'm not one for the woods, but I love a good long walk on a quiet beach. But as soon as too many people cover the sand, I'm outta there.

logansrun161 said...

Do you have a backyard? Whenever I'm in the country and it's nice out I just take my laptop outside to work.

Mindy McGinnis said...

I need to name my new friend, but I've just been calling him Dead Guy.

I have a 4 acre yard, but I can't stand any kind of glare on my screen. Easily distracted that way.

Matt Sinclair said...

Well worth a walk in the woods.