Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Winter Blues

I'm sick.

Like, really sick. I don't half-ass anything, so I totally whole-assed this sickness and have been lying around like a deflated balloon for about five days. I was in Missouri doing school visits when the germs chose me, and I flew home knowing that I might be the equivalent of Patrick Dempsey in Outbreak, but I just wanted to get home so badly I didn't care about the world's population.

Sorry, Jimbo.

I'm home now, recovering slowly while I sleep a lot and don't accomplish much. For a long time, people have commented on the fact that my older sister and I sound exactly alike. And I mean, exactly. Back in high school when everyone only had land lines, there were a few awkward moments when our boyfriends got us confused.

That was funny to me, and as you can imagine, I may have used to it my advantage.

Regardless, one of my symptoms is that I have laryngitis, so my sister may or may not have recorded the introduction and breaks in this week's podcast episode for me. See if you think she did... or didn't.

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