Monday, December 4, 2017

Where I'll Be This Week & A New Podcast Episode

I'm home from an amazing time in Colorado and getting back into the grove of daily life... kind of. You may have noticed that this blog post is going up way late. Chalk it up to the 20 hour drive.

This week you can come meet myself and fellow YA fantasy author Cinda Williams Chima as a part of the Literary Cleveland Young Adult Showcase that will be taking place at Loganberry Books.

And don't miss the newest episode of the Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire podcast, with guest Corey Ann Haydu. Corey joined me to talk about how the acting world helped thicken her skin for the ups and downs of publishing, writing about OCD from a place of understanding, and the moment of choosing a voice for a story that determines whether it will be middle grade or YA, and what to try - and not try - at school visits.

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