Monday, March 19, 2018

Secret Hijinks, What I'm Up To, A New Podcast Episode & A Panda Update

I have been on the move so much lately that my dog jumped in my lap while I was still in the car last week when I got home. He misses his mommy :)

Where have I been? What I have I been doing?

My most recent trip is actually hush-hush, as I'm co-authoring a project in development with SerialBox, a publisher that produces serialized audio and e-book downloads. I'm excited to be doing something different, and I just returned from a writing summit for the series I'll be working on. I can't say much, but I'll share this tweet...

I'm home now and currently working on getting the podcast wrapped up for the month of March, and scheduling my interviews for the month of April. Today's episode features MG author Liesl Shurtliff, and we cover such topics as writing a four-book series, always asking "but why?" and the transition from writing has a hobby to a career.

What else am I up to? Honestly - lots. GIVEN TO THE EARTH releases April 11th, I've got a ton of appearances coming up, and to be brutal - I need a shower.

I came home to Mr. Panda needing his mommy, too. He jumped into my lap and refused to relinquish it, which I'm fine with. I ended up sitting on the couch longer than necessary, but no one refuses cancer cat cuddles.

Panda is doing well! He received his second round of chemo and it appears that his tumor is shrinking. He is eating and gaining weight back. Fingers crossed for my alpha male!


Dan Koboldt said...

I can neither confirm nor deny that we are working together on something awesome.

Mindy McGinnis said...

I confirm the awesome!

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